"To have someone come take photos of you in your personal space 'doing your thing' is very special, but it also needs to be a good connection. Tory is someone who you immediately feel comfortable with and she really cares that she gets the best shots. It's so wonderful to have a bunch of fun, professional photos that feel like me and my brand that I can easily share and use as needed, saving time by having everything I need available. You are in good hands with Tory!"

-Jess Laine Johnson, Jess Laine Design

"Tory created strong story concepts and visual standards for our brand that proved to resonate with our social fans; our content looked sharper and more aligned to our consumer's lifestyle than ever! The efficiency of having photos ready to draw from helps from a time and energy spent perspective too - planning can happen more strategically, and there's less 'scramble' in real time. Tory is exceptionally talented and delivered amazing assets, and I have to say it as so much fun to work with her, it hardly felt like work!"

-Lauren Shaffer, Yes To, Inc.



"My shoot with Tory was a really great gift to my business. It has made me take up much less time thinking about what to share and post, because I have a huge folder of beautiful images to use in all aspects of my business. With a custom photo library, I can more easily engage with customers and increase my following with strong, curated images that represent my brand."

-Lisa Anderson Shaffer, Zelma Rose



"High-quality, original photography is a must and Tory has been a great partner on sponsored blog content campaigns, creating amazing photos that beautifully represent the brand and products. Tory also has a true knack for getting amazing portraits, even from people who aren't comfortable in front of the camera. She'll make you feel comfortable and confident, always delivers photos where you look great and capture your personality."

-Cait Weingartner, Pretty & Fun