Introducing an all-inclusive photo day with: a photographer, stylist, retoucher, beautiful rented home studio, curated prop collection and variety of surfaces/backdrops. You just fill out a 5 minute form, hand over products (optional: join shoot day!) and an on-brand gallery hits your inbox.

If you post 5x/week on social, you need 260 photos/year. While we absolutely still recommend a full day, completely custom shoot a few times a year, we expect those photos cover 30-50% of your social content (and UGC/graphics: 20%). These mini shoots are designed for the REST, to fill the gaps, to provide you with those flexible “filler” photos so you don’t waste any more time, energy, shoot expenses. We’re offering it to….

  • Ensure you have enough high quality, simply styled + lifestyle photos that actually include your products… as a product brand, this is essential

  • Help you save a TON of time planning a shoot, coordinating logistics or scrambling for today’s Instagram post… just hand over your products and fill out 5 minute survey pre-shoot

  • Make it easy and low cost, with a single, all-inclusive rate that includes EVERYTHING + EVERYONE (photographer + stylist + retoucher + props + location + licensing) so there are no surprise extra expenses, we know it can add up


THE PACKAGE | $1475+

$1475 with quarterly commitment | $1850 one-off

  • Photographer

  • Stylist

  • Studio fees (we’re using home studios for styled studio + home lifestyle shots… your call the mix in the survey)

  • Curated prop selection (seasonal + classic… again, your call in the survey)

  • 2 hours of shoot time

  • Large preview gallery to select final images

  • 12 final photos (that’s 3 photos/week for monthly OR 1/week for quarterly)

  • Light retouching

  • Licensing for social and digital


  1. Sign up for shoot (Oct 15 or Nov 19) — limited availability

  2. Fill out 5 minute survey pre-shoot

  3. Ship, drop off or schedule a pick-up for your products

  4. We do the rest: book the studio, source the props, style, shoot, edit

  5. Photos hit your inbox you can select finals from a large preview gallery