Meet Tory

Tory started her career as a 9-to-5 marketer, while actively pursuing her photography passion in her free time. After five years in the marketing industry, she took her photography full-time and set out to create the creative and photography services her fellow marketers were in search of: that sweet spot between the scrappy freelancer lacking marketing strategy and the extravagant (and, expensive) creative agency, which still requires a photographer… and doesn’t match the needs nor budget of digital. While capturing beautiful, impactful images for modern brands is core to her day-to-day, Tory’s specialty is in going well beyond the camera to pair impactful creative strategy with on-brand photo packages that fit today’s digital marketing needs.

Tory works with clients local to the Bay Area and globally. Brands have utilized her imagery in an array of forms, from the interiors of public transit speeding around Philly to high in the sky on billboards throughout Austin. Her work spans nearly all platforms, including websites, magazine ads, outdoor campaigns, print collateral, e-commerce, email marketing, public relations, Amazon storefront, social media, digital advertising, Instagram and Facebook ads, LinkedIn, brick and mortar displays, you name it. And her client list is equally as impressive, having worked with industry leaders Athleta and Yes To to foodie favorites like Bare Snacks and Peet’s.

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